Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just the Facts, Ma'am.

Tomorrow I will have four months without alcohol. The job at the Sunrise Vista Inn is over and I am beginning packing to move. I am going to have to have a re-do on my knee surgery of last year. I am breathing. I am breathing. I am breathing. In and out. In. And. Out.

Universe, I am wide awake and at your service.


julesgp187 said...

Is the job being over at Sunrise Vista a good thing?

4 months! That's more than 100 days. Good for you!

Gin said...

Congratulations on 4 months of sobriety! You must be extremely proud and you should be!

Sherri said...

Breathe, yes. Best advice ever. Just breathe. I forgot to.

Olivia said...

I am so happy for you, Angela! 4 months! and you are dealing with challenges WITHOUT alcohol! YES!, O

vicariousrising said...

Congratulations on 4 months! Woohoo!

Wow, that was quick with the job. I didn't realize it was that short term. Well, I think you learned a lot about yourself during the endeavor, so that is a good thing.