Friday, June 5, 2009

Earth Religion

I'm finding that as long as I keep in close connection with the earth, I'll be okay. I'm beginning to see the benefits of this job in an entirely new way. It's been unusually slow to really warm up here and it shows in the business. I've had a guest here and there, but I've had plenty of time to keep playing in the dirt, become acquainted with the most incredible rock that lives in my front yard (which you see to the left), plant flowers and vegetables and generally immerse myelf in earth energy.

I'm thinking of composting. It may be a little adventurous for a complete novice, but I'm just playing anyway. I think that's what we're supposed to do. I like the composting metaphor for life: Rotten, decaying material, given just the right sun and water and oxygen to be transformed into rich, moist fertilizer that renews the earth and her plants. I feel myself composting - allowing nature to alchemize all the negativity and neuroses and okay, if you want, character defects, into the very essence of all life. And all I have to do is allow it - play in a way that nourishes the earth and all her inhabitants. Remember my purpose and stay out of the negative dramas that others are going through as much as possible without totally disengaging. I see my own shadow and she still wants to play, but I find I'm really not interested. It's so bright and beautiful in the light.


thailandchani said...

Love it! Just recently, I signed on to a mailing list about earth religion. It kind of fits with my natural animism so it sounded like a good idea to talk to some knowledgeable people.

Let me know if you're interested. It seems a bit quiet right now.. but could perk up with some new people.


Olivia said...

Gosh, Angela, this is my favorite of all of your posts. I love the peace, the calmness---the light---that emanates from the words, from you. I am so happy for you. Peace and love, O

miss*R said...

each and every time I go into my garden, I am healed. I know it. Being connected is the most important thing we can do for ourselves.. oneday, I hope to just lay on the ground hugging Mother Earth.. but at the moment it is too cold and in summer I am in fear of funnel web spiders and brown snakes... (and I read this post and now realize that yes, your Goddess Rock is a gift of connection from Mother Earth)