Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is this weekend and it's also my father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

My medicine wheel journey will move to a new direction, south, on the solstice. I made some notes a while back about what I thought I would focus on during the south time, but damned if I know where they are or even what they were! It doesn't matter. I'm not running this show anyway. I'll spend some time in p & m (prayer and meditation) this week and it will come to me. I absolutely love following the seasons with my recovery.

A friend of mine is having a "burning" ceremony on Saturday and I can't think of a better way to celebrate being back in Polson and letting go of all the negativity I've endured in the past weeks. We have such a beautiful community there and I return with fresh eyes, grateful for all that it offers. And longing for a bit of peace - a respite, a healing space, love, nurturance. It's all there. It's all within me. It's all within you.

Your world is a place of the bending of the Light. But the light must be there or you have no world at all. ~ from Emmanuel's Book


Anybeth said...

My birthday is Monday, the day after the solstice and it's always been my favorite time of year. The days so long, SO long, right now. It was still light when I went to bed last night.
You sound like you're dong great.

miss*R said...

winter solstice for me down here.. and I am loving it..

please email me so that I can get the information about the Earth Healing Ritual.. so glad you are joining.. we can do it !!!!
(would you like me to do some energy healing for you? anytime xo)
I feel a beautiful soul energy coming from this post, thankyou xo

Olivia said...

I love reading your posts, Angela, because I literally SEE your increasing growth and peace. It is very inspirational to me. Love, O