Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Own Path

This is from my meditation book for today, November 6:

I am on my own, individualized path through life. I am unique. I am not in a position to judge another person nor should I take others' judgments of me too much to heart. There have been so many tiny variables that have gone into shaping who I am - my path has been my own and all those around me have a path that is their own. I cannot really judge another person because I could not possibly have enough information to truly see the whole story, to understand in full and fair measure just what has gone into making that person tick. It is difficult enough to understand myself. Why do I feel I am capable of judging another fairly?

I honor my own unique experience.

The six tips of a single snowflake . . . feel the same temperatures, and because the laws of growth are purely deterministic, they maintain a near-perfect symmetry. But the nature of turbulent air is such that any pair of snowflakes will experience very different paths. The final flake records the history of all the changing weather conditions it has experienced, and the combinations may well be infinite.
James Gleick

I'm pretty sure this book has mystical powers. :)


Anonymous said...

There ya go!


Sherri said...

Mystical powers, I agree! The quote is beautiful, and so relevant.

whatalife said...


I was linked to your blog site from http://www.blogarama.com/index.php?PID=71&sr=230&pp=10&cp=24.

If you did not ask for this link, perhaps the webmaster could remove it so that you are not receiving unwanted visitors.

I spent time rereading all your previous posts, and found many self-references to your problems with alcohol. Now you have had a chnage of heart and wish to try drinking again. You have every right to do that.

It's unfortunate that all dissenting opinions are unwelcome on your blog. One of the risks of publishing is that some may express disagreement. Since your post about continued drinking was contrary to what you had previously stated, it invited a lot of comment. My own remarks were to encourage you to follow that path. Part of my post was poorly voiced, I was called on it, and I promptly apoligized. I recognized my mistake, and admitted it, but I didn't characterize the person pointing out my error as nasty or attacking.

There may be some validity to the statement that a recovery blog is not the place to encourage drinking. I came to your blog for insights on staying sober.

Whereever you choose to relocate, please be aware that this is a public forum, and requires acceptance of the right of readers to offer opposing views. If all you can tolerate is warm endorsement, perhaps a closed e-mail loop would be better for you.

You've asked me to "go play elsewhere," so this will be my final post to your blog. Good luck on your journey. I wish you the best.

Angela said...


I wish you the best as well. I don't mind dissenting opinions; it was the manner of dissent that I found unnerving.

claud said...


Yeah, I was a little surly in my post yesterday. Sorry about that.
Want to hear my excuse?

Just kidding. About the excuse, not the apology.

Best to you.


bella said...

This was incredible. Thank-you for sharing this.
Now I know what book I must read.

Diva Carla said...

Hi Angela,
I just took a moment to catch up with your blog. You have been through the wringer! As I have said in the past, I always find help for my life in your posts. What "recovery" needs, we all need, sometimes.
I appreciate your support as I have been through some changes lately too.
Blogs have mystical powers too, like this one.
Thank you.

The Discovering Alcoholic said...

We may all have our own paths, but often we find that they are pointed in the same direction. I don't care how you get here, I just hope that you will join me in recovery.

Take care my friend.

Mich said...

Hi Angela,

This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Thank you for sharing this.


Journey Through Life said...

Wonderful quote! I agree wholeheartedly. Definately mystical powers in that book. ;):)

The Dream said...

Daily meditation ... part of my life. This IS a great book! Thanks for your return comment on your earlier post, Angela. It touched my heart.

I felt like a piece of garbage when I entered recovery, and the last thing I needed was to feel any worse. Thank HP that there were loving people there who KNEW that ... the hard-line stuff can break people. I have seen it happen time and time again. To me, that is not only arrogant, but also an absolute, 100%, no-matter-how-you-slice-it, sin.


Kikipotamus said...

Thank you for sharing in such an open and authentic way.

lunarmusings said...

This book sounds mystical indeed!

Blessings to you!

turtlegirl said...

Namaste' beautiful friend.