Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Virgo New Moon

Virgo is the get-it-in-order, clean-it-out and put-it-away sign. Virgo rules the 6th house, the House of Service and Health. This new moon was accompanied by a partial solar eclipse which always packs an extra punch. Eclipses set events in motion that will continue to play out until the next eclipse season - six months away. This is an especially important new moon for me as I'm starting a business. It's a service business, a way I hope to use the special talents and skills I possess to connect people and products that otherwise wouldn't connect. I can't think of a better moon to begin this particular undertaking. New moons are always auspicious for beginnings and for a service-oriented business, this one is ideal. I didn't plan it that way. I love astrology, but you won't see me planning my life around it. It's always interesting, though, when the astrology fits the circumstances so well and it adds to the already heady sense of optimism I feel about the project. If it crosses your mind, please include Village Connections in your prayers and meditation.


Hamguin said...

Best wishes to Village Connections, and welcome to My Sacred Life, Angela. It's what got me to your blog this morning, and it has been a great joy for the almost three weeks I have participated.

I hope you enjoy the community, as well!

claud said...

Wow you guys, you're really starting to make we want to join in...hmmm....

And Angela!! That name is PERFECT and I mean PERFECT.

So excited for you!!

Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by, ham! And Claude, you are just the best bloggin' and life buddy ever. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You can count on my prayers for Village Connections. Your timing is grand. Keep up the great work.
I'm with you. beej

magpie said...

i don't really follow astrology deeply, but this new moon has rocked my whole world!