Friday, September 7, 2007


My Sacred Life
Wow. Look at us? Aren't we something? That picture was taken, oh, about 30 years ago I guess. That's me on the left, not looking at the camera. And those are my sisters. If anything in this world connects me to spirit, it's my relationship with these two women. We've been through a lot together: marriages, divorces, births, deaths, surgeries, addictions, ecstasy, despair. You know, the usual suspects. Pam (she's the sly looking one in the middle) will be a grandma soon and Cindy (the pretty blonde) has a boy in middle school and a girl in high school. They both live in Georgia, within a couple of miles of my parents who've been married almost 50 years now.

As time marches on with all it's attendant ups and downs, the bond I have with my sisters only deepens. I see this same relationship between my mom and her sister, Carold. And I know how fortunate I am. I know not all sibling relationships follow the course ours has.

Pam can tell a dirty joke with the best of them; she inherited that from our granny, who thought everything funny and just the tiniest bit raunchy was just so rich. Cindy has always been quite the earth mother, interested in animals and the environment, politically aware and savvy. We're different in so many ways, but you can tell we're sisters. By our laugh; by some of our mannerisms; by the drop-dead-right-where-you-are look we can give. Pam & I share the same nose and where the hell it came from, I'll never know - some long forgotten ancestor I suppose. Cindy & Pam share the bond of motherhood and sometimes I'm a little bit jealous about that. Hey, that's sisterhood.

We've become strong women individually, but we will always be stronger together. Having these two as sisters is one of the best things that's happened to me in this life and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I could call myself lucky, but this is one area where I tend to think divinity probably played a hand.

I love ya'll.


Sherri said...

Hey, I love your new profile pic!

Growing up I always wished I had a sister. Instead I had two bratty little brothers ;) Actually, they're pretty cool. But I was a lonely child, and thought that having a built-in best friend would alleviate that.

Truth be told, our family was dysfunctional enough that even if I'd had a sister, we might not have been close. But I guess it might have made us closer...You never know.

Angela said...


Remeber, this wonderful sister bonding has happened over a period of time. We almost killed each other when we were kids!

Glad you like the pic.

John Eaton said...

Lovely story, Angela.

Groovy new pixie, too.


Angela said...

Thanks John.

Journey Through Life said...

Oh you are SO fortunate. I have two much older brothers and no bond with them at all.
I occasionally I have students come into my lessons who say how much they hate their sisters and don't get along with them. After a bit of inquiry I discover she is 14 and the other 11 or something like that. I always say to them "as you grow older you will begin to get along so much better and will be so grateful for the bond of sisterhood"
They usually don't believe me!

The Dream said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sisters! The Attitude of Gratitude!

My one sister and I are very close ... the other died five years ago of breast cancer. We miss her big time ... but now it's just a different kind of relationship than what we had before. She is still with us.
BOTH of my sisters have stepped up to being the Theo in my life (van gogh's devoted brother).

I am blessed with four brothers ... and though I wish I could make the claim that I am on fantastic terms with all of them, sadly, I can not. But I am a believer: "Where there is breath, there is HOPE."

Angela said...

Hey Annie,

I have a black & white kitty that looks a lot like yours! I believe you're my first blogging buddy from Oz. Look forward to getting to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Angel, I love you!

The other great aunt

Anonymous said...

Angela I love you too. Have a great weekend. Love the Best Aunt and future Granny.