Friday, September 21, 2007


My Sacred Life

I may have said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: Sobriety is freedom. Any time I've chosen to drink since I've known this, I've chosen to reconstruct all my prison walls - denial, fear, self-recrimination, self-destruction, guilt, shame. The really bad thing about those walls is not that I can't get out - I can, it's that no one can get in.

The most sacred thing in my life today is that I wake up sober, I got to sleep sober and I spend every hour in between sober. Nothing else imbues my life with a sense of the sacred like not taking that first drink.

I will be visiting one of the most sacred places I know in the next couple of days with a very sacred friend of mine. I still have a blister the size of a quarter on the bottom of my foot and I could, and maybe even should, opt out of the hiking we're planning to do. But I think not. I'll throw a little moleskin on it and I won't let the foot blisters of life keep me from what I love - literally and metaphorically.

P.S. When I get back, I'll be updating my blog list. There are so many beautiful people and blogs that I've been fortunate to come into contact with during this project and I feel badly that I haven't gotten them on there yet.


claud said...

Do you mean to tell me that you're coming home and then leaving again???

Some of us are starting to miss you, you know!

Diva Carla said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for stopping by this morning. I feel like I need blogging fedex to get around to all the beautiful people and their creative output I've discovered. YOu are a picture of freedom.


Anonymous said...

Bliss filled weekend to you.
Walk in truth Walk in beauty

Journey Through Life said...

Hiking - one of my most favourite activities!
I loved your words about sobriety.

Lisa said...

Hope your hike was wonderful! Your post is beautiful.

Autumn Moon said...

I hope that your weekend was filled with magic moments.
Thank you for your post, it really moved me and resonated. "The really bad thing about those walls is not that I can't get out - I can, it's that no one can get in."
Wow.. thank you again.

Angela said...

I miss you, too, Claude. See you soon!

Angela said...

Thanks, Carla. :)

Angela said...

Thanks, Annie, Lisa & Beej

Angela said...

And you, too, Autumn Moon. Thanks for stopping by!

Mich said...

We would love to have you join us at Rainbow Dreams ...

Love & rainbows,

Carla said...

I *love* this post. Hope you had a wonderful time hiking!