Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Better World

I have a vision of a better world. I will hold that vision in my heart and move quietly toward it. Anyone can say that the world is falling apart - why should I join them in that negative projection? It takes love and courage for me to see the world as basically good and to hold to that vision. When I see the world in a positive light, the world responds and my world becomes more positive. In this way I allow soul energy to manifest more fully and frequently in my life and in the world in which I live. I will believe in the world today with or without a good reason.

I will create a good world within me.

Let music for peace
Be the paradigm,
For peace means to change
At the right time. . .
Making the flowing
Of time a growing,
Til what it could be
At last it is . . .

W. H. Auden "Hymn to the United Nations"

From my daily meditation book, "The Soul's Companion" by Tian Dayton, Ph.D.


claud said...

Holy cow, Angela. Absolutely fabulous.

Kikipotamus said...

Absolutely true. We create the world. Good for you for not succumbing to the hip nay-saying and instead helping to spread love and magic.

Journey Through Life said...

This is wonderful, Angela. The perfect way to look at the world and at yourself! A highly inspiring, positive and uplifting post.

Rick Hamrick said...

Blessings and safe journey, Angela! You are on the same path that so many of us now trod, toward the children knowing safety, the people knowing peace, and the planet itself relaxing into its rejuvenation.

Anonymous said...

Did you know I needed that? Thank you for reminding me to be positive.


jennifergg said...

Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Krissie said...

just found your blog...and thank you so much for posting on mine. I am loving your words, and in a way I am in recovery too...from grief, and finding that art and creativiity is the way through it. Off to read some more of yur blog!