Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitty Love

My Sacred Life

Kisster, the precious faced little dilute tortie on the right I adopted while I was still in Georgia. What a bill of goods I got sold with her! I got her home only to find out she has some weird condition that causes her to cough like she's trying to cough her insides out. She takes medication for it, but we're always trying to keep it under control and just barely doing it. It doesn't seem to affect her too badly, but that coughing is awful. Also, I was informed that she was spayed, but about a year after moving to Montana, she started getting a little round in the middle, if ya know what I mean. Now, I gotta admit I was really mad at the folks I adopted her from about this, but as with most things, it turned out alright. I was with her when she gave birth which was a very cool experience, we got to have 4 cute little fuzzballs running around the apartment for a few weeks, providing days upon days of entertainment, and we managed to find them all homes. (Don't mention the one that ended up hawk food - we think.)

The other one - Tuner is fairly new to our home. Tuner was so named by her previous owner because she'd sit on his shoulder and help him tune his guitar. She's still fairly young - under 2 years old and has a lot of kitten in her. It's hard to get her to sit still for a picture! She and Kisster did not do well at first and actually I think they still pretty much just tolerate each other. In the past, I've had male cats - I think Kisster was my first female. I've always heard not to put two grown females together and now I know why!

In my opinion, cats are the greatest housemates in the world. They can take care of themselves for a few days at a time. They take their own baths. They are loving, but not needy. They make great sounds and vibrations from their bodies that feel great to my body. My life is a lot more sacred and a lot more fun with these two around.


John Eaton said...

Cats are so cool, Angela.

Bobbie says hey.



Angela said...

Hey, Bobbie.

Journey Through Life said...

I agree completely, utterly and totally!!!

Kisster is the most beautiful colour. I have never seen one that colour before. Gorgeous!

Kiara is my first female. The difference in personalities between male and female is HUGE. I am so glad I have her! My little female!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Tuner is beautiful and Kisster looks totally content. I agree with you about cats. Ms. Mimi loved on me all night last night. I'm still all about my dogs though.

Love ya, Cindy

The Discovering Alcoholic said...

My two cats orchestrated the early years of my recovery. They must have, because I definitely didn't have a plan! I think pets are a great benefit to recovery from all things, not just addictions.

Wena and A said...

i love cats too but my being asthmatic prevented us from having one...