Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Phone Call

do-do-do-do-DU-do, do-do-do-do-DU-do. There's that sound again, the one I'm either waiting for or dreading. The one I always have to dig around in the bowels of my way-too-large purse to find, rummaging through receipts, wallet, makeup, bills and pills. (well, not so many pills these days.) There! Caught it just before the last ring - after that one you get to hear the recording of my sweet southern voice instead of my real sweet southern voice.


"Well, you're going to have a great-nephew." (My sister, Pam.)

This does not compute as I have never actually thought of the baby my niece is going to have in exactly that way before. Wait. I'm not . . .mature enough to be a great-aunt, I haven't wisened to that point yet. Holy effin' Cow!, you have to be OLD to have a great-anything! (Can you say denial? Ah, my sweet protectress.)



"Are you crying?"

"Yeauss!" Sob, sob, snort, sniff.

"So ya'll found out today?"

"Yeauss!" Wail, sob, sob, snort, sniffle.

"Congratulations! Is Coley there?" (Coley is the mother of this soon-to-be great nephew of mine.)

"Yeauss. She says I can't call anybody else unless I stop crying, but I don't think I can!" Wail, wail, snort, sob.

I'm laughing so hard by now I can hardly breathe. (The women in my family can do hysteria in a myriad of ways.) (Poor little fella - he has no idea what he's getting into.)

Ain't life grand?


jennifergg said...

Yes, life is grand! And I always thought the very best thing to make a strong man is to be surrounded by strong, loving women.

You get your grand-nephew out to Montana and he can join my crew of boys, anytime.



John Eaton said...

Amen, Jennifer.

Sweet, Angela.

Cherish the ladies,


claud said...

Congratulations, Angela!! Babies are the best, and that's all there is to it.

Angela said...

Thanks you guys. Love sharing joy.

Cindy said...

Hilarious! Pam wasn't crying when she called me, but I know exactly what she sounded like.

I'm not old enough or mature enough to have a great anything--Am I? I never expected this.

Matt Forrest (karate kid) said...

here is your nephew did aunt Pam(helium head) really cry if she did i will torment her for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela said...


Helium head? You're ruthless, kid.