Wednesday, September 5, 2007


See that new icon over there to the left? The one above my picture that says Sacred Life? That will connect you to Carla Blazek's blog Zena Musings and an explanation of the Sacred Life project. Carla is posting a picture every day for a month (she began on August 18 so I'm a little late getting started) that portrays some part of her daily life that helps her connect with spirit. She's inviting other bloggers to do the same. It's a beautiful way of connecting bloggers with each other and I've enjoyed browsing the other participant's sites. Anyone who wants to participate can sign up there and join her in this fantastic project.

I've been playing around with a camera and taking some pictures to start putting on Eclectic Recovery. I'm a real novice at this however and due to the extreme frustration that can descend on me when I'm initially getting started with really technical things, I've been putting it off. I figured this would be a great way to get started and also to support Carla by participating and connecting to her blog.

Now, just so you know I wasn't projecting my frustration needlessly, I worked over two hours getting this first post and photo up….and I was frustrated as all hell. But this morning the frustration has been replaced by a sense of accomplishment and pride at sticking with it even though I wanted to smash the computer with a sledgehammer a couple of times! I'm glad to have the opportunity to share the things in my life that contribute to my connection with spirit. Here's the first image: Please don't laugh where I can hear you.

I'm lucky enough to live in a home that I call sanctuary. My house (well, it's technically not mine, but it should be so I'm practicing creative visualization in my language) is very southern in look and feel. It's got a wonderful front porch and even though it's glassed in, it still reminds me of the front porches on houses in the south. It's a relief every evening to come home to this beautiful place and leave the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind. This house embraced me at a time when I badly needed embracing. It is my sanctuary, my refuge, my little pocket of sanity in an insane world. That chestnut tree that is starting to golden is the protector spirit that watchs over me. Those two kitties on the walkway? Well, you'll be seeing more of them.


Sherri said...

It looks like a wonderful, cozy place to live.

And I like the idea behind the posting of the pic. I'll have to go visit her blog. Maybe I'll start posting some spirit-feeding photos, too.


John Eaton said...

Sweet place, Angela.


claud said...

Absolutely love the picture, Angela. That house is SO YOU.

And by the way -- who's that cat?

Angela said...

That's Tuner, Claude, you know, the new kitty - kitty #2.

Olivia said...

Congratulations, Angela! Your house looks great, and you'll get the hang of it in no time...long before My Sacred Life is over you'll be a pro :)

The Dream said...

Hi Angela
Just found you via Carla. I am another sober sister.
LOVE your house ... definitely that southern charm going on!

daisies said...

your house is so beautiful :) and its a wonderful wonderful photo :)

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

Wonderful photo! Thank you for giving us a peek at your home sweet home.

Angela said...

Thanks to Olivia, Dream, Daisies & Kiki. Thanks for visiting.

claud said...

Love the new picture of YOU, Angela!!!

Journey Through Life said...

A wonderful picture. It's a beautiful home. You feel the warmth and serenity emanating from it!!
I saw the two kitties almost immediately. I have two as well. A ginger male and black and white female. You can see photos of them in my blog if you click on the cat label. Oh yea, and in my profile photo!

I am sure that before you know you will be zipping through the process of getting all your pictures on-line!

I am so glad you popped on over to my blog. I like the feel of yours and I see much in common with you from your profile. I'll be back!


Cindy said...

I've never seen your house from the outside. I've only seen pictures from the inside. It is wonderful. I'm glad you found it. Now I have to come visit.