Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Lady

Hello Blogosphere

Wireless has been down at the "shelter" all weekend so I walked in flaky, fluffy new snow to the local art/coffee shop to get connected. I have to say that Butte, America is beginning to grow on me. I watched a documentary on the copper mines and all the incredible history that has happened here and I'm seeing the place with new eyes. The "richest hill on earth" has seen its share of controversy, corporate greed (which is a Montana theme unfortunately) and violence. But what stood out to me most in the documentary was the community of miners and their families; how the people took care of each other through strikes that lasted for months going on years and how when the mines no longer provided support, the community banded together and did this: Our Lady of the Rockies. For no pay I might add. You know I love having her watching over me. I've never been all that attracted to the more christianized forms of the goddess, but I'll take what's available. I'm learning to love where I am, who I'm with, and the manifestations of the divine as they present themselves to me.

I also watched another documentary on Marija Gumbitas, an archaeologist who had the cajones and the brains to flip the archaeological world on its ear with her ideas about Old Europe and the religion they practiced. Of course, it looks like a no-brainer when you watch the documentary, but apparently the academia still doesn't accept a lot of her theories. What a brilliant woman. I think people won't accept it because they literally cannot imagine a time when there was peace, harmony and cooperation among humans. As for me, it gives me hope. If we did it once, we can do it again. And what beautiful art they did. I envision future humans millenia from now discovering Carla Sander's art and concluding that there were indeed some civilized people that lived during our era.
Did I mention I'm considering school? Addictions counseling and/or graphic design. Wish me luck on the financing.
Much, much love.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great blog and true post, I feel the same about WV, the coal miners and their love and spirit of choices and family. They are not too open to outsiders still, but nonetheless love the history of where I reside.

Oh when God was a woman...and there was peace among sad we cannot see this again...thank you for the wonderful reminder....


AngelP said...

I am a coal miner's daughter and grand daughter. Both my father and grand father were coal miners (strip mining)in Appalachia (Ky). When the strip mines closed, they crossed the Ohio river and settled in Hamilton (right next to Cincinnati) and did factory and sales jobs. My grandfather had a 2nd grade education, my dad, 11th. It's a proud world.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new surroundings.


newmumover40 said...

How wonderful that you are starting to find love for yourself. And that the 'our lady' is providing a good manifestation of the goddess for you. It's so uplifting!

I will check out the documentary!

Love and light

miss*R said...

I adore Mary... (maybe you could ask her to help with finances for your schooling??)
and I am very interested in Marija Gumbitas.
sounds like Butte is just what you need! Maybe the Earth will heal you there xo

claud said...

how fascinating and excellent that you are starting to see Butte's charms. You never know what's coming, do you?

I'm slowly returning to the living. It's weird!!

p.s. can you put up a pic of your room or something for us to see? Or is that not done?