Friday, January 22, 2010

What Matters

Much to my surprise, I'm enjoying the living situation I now find myself in. True, my private space consists of a 10' x 8' cubicle, but hey, who's measuring? I have plenty of private time and what seems even more important, plenty of community time if I want it. Meals are taken in a community dining room, residents share the dinner cooking, there's a recreation room with workout equipment (and my yoga mat) and usually a good movie with good company in the evenings. It makes me wonder why we all feel as if we have to live alone or with one other person if we don't end up with a traditional family unit. It makes me want to create recovery communities where people can live and contribute and be supportive of each other and their local economy, grow organic food, provide a needed service to the community (yes, I have one in mind). And have their pets, of course. I do miss that kitty of mine.

Now, if Ted Turner would just pop in and provide the capital, I'd have it made, wouldn't I?

I have a couple of jobs at the moment and they are to keep my eye and heart on what matters, which is my sobriety, and to nurture the vision that I have for myself and for how I might begin to make a difference in this crazy fucked up world. As is evident from earthquakes in Haiti to our new Senator in Massachusetts, things are getting worse. People don't know where to turn or what to do and I figure it's the whack jobs like me and you who will come in and save the day. Maybe that's why they thought I had a problem with "grandiosity" in treatment, huh? Oh well, I won't let them take my dreams.

Sweet ones to all of you.


miss*R said...

Hay Angela, I see i have a few posts to catch up on ~ xo just thought I would say hello first.. xoxo
(can I have your postal address please?, would like to send little notes from time to time xoxo)

miss*R said...

that was supposed to be Hey, not hay :)

Diva Carla said...

Grandiosity? So now vision, dreams, desires, and purpose are a syndrome?

Grandiosity means you aren't Ted Turner or Oprah. If you think like them and your not...
Oh well enough of my cynical sarcasm.

Do it. I know it's midwinter, and you'll be in another place by spring, but is there garden space where you are? Take a piece of the dream that can come true now, and go for it. See what happens next.

I am glad you like where you are.

Angela said...

Yes, Robyn, it's 304 N. Main St., #20, Butte, MT 59701. I asked for yours, too!!!

Angela said...

I know, I know, Carla. I was really being sarcastic, too. Thanks for staying in touch with me!

miss*R said...

oops I forgot to email you.. life stuff has made me a little ditzy forgetful xo will email now!!