Friday, March 26, 2010

Mundane Matters

I've been in Lakeside a month and am adjusting to the new location and the new live-in relationship well. The job search continues but I knew it would be difficult and I just keep applying, dropping off resumes and making contacts. Something will turn up, but I have to wonder how sustainable it will be.

In my chemical dependency group this week one of our members related a story about going to the emergency room after a suspected seizure. She takes medication for Reynaud's Syndrome which has already caused her to lose the tip of one of her fingers. She inadvertently took two 60 mg pills instead of two 30 mg pills after a prespcription change and was suffering fainting and seizure spells. When she explained to the nurse what happened, the nurse immediately said, "Well, I'll put overdose on the chart." She then proceeded to treat the woman rather poorly and implied that she shouldn't have brought her son to the emergency room with her. The woman was so shook up that talking about it caused her to burst into tears at the relating of it. She couldn't understand why the woman felt it necessary to treat her like that. I can't understand it either. I just know I've been treated the same way at times when it wasn't appropriate and it hurts.

I'm meeting one of my LSR friends for lunch today and am excited about that. It's always good to connect with other recovering people with whom I share a history.

I'm continuing my study of permaculture, the inevitable(?) collapse of civilization and how the principles of permaculture as a response to collapse relate to recovery. I'd be happy to hear opinions. Yes, that's an invitation.


Anonymous said...

You would think people working in an ER would be trained to be sensitive and non-judgmental.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow how sad that the woman was so harshly treated, we can only hope that the nurse was having a bad day and inappropriately let it come out to your friend...apparently accidents don't happen in the nurses world...

I am so glad you're doing well and still blogging.

<3 to you

Wendy said...

Dear Angel, It's been a while but I sat down tonight and looked up your blog... I'm looking forward to good reading and catching up with you. You sound good - you're doing a lot more introspective thinking and planning than most of us. Hang in there, girl. It sounds to me like you're doing the next right thing. Sending my love all the way to Lakeside, Montana.