Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Job, Good-bye Life?

I googled successful businesswoman images and this came up. I couldn't resist.
Anyway, the job situation is looking up with a couple of good opportunities that I'm following up on. Everything from retail store management to greenhouse assistant (which is of course just a fancy term for LABORER).
I'm eager to return to work, but it really is like "Hello, Job, Good-bye Life" if I obtain full-time work which is looking entirely possible now.
Sorry I wrote such a short post, dad. You can look a little longer. (hee hee)


kikipotamus said...

Wow, that was fast! I've been looking for a job for almost four months and only a few nibbles. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Do the photo and giggling comment to your father seem appropriate to you? I can't quite identify why, but this post left me feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Congrats on the job offers. Are you able to balance the committment to permaculture with employment?

Diva Carla said...

Hello, Angela.
I am biting my tongue because I really want to be rude to anonymous. I'll save my uppity bitch for sometime when I need it for myself!

Meanwhile, congratulations on homing in on a job! Yes, hello job can feel like good bye life, but you can apply permaculture principles to anything: your job, your public, your service, your community, how you spend your money, how you treat people, how you write blogs.

Permaculture is not a religion, or a technique, it's a state of mind.

Rick Hamrick said...

Odd, that someone finds the need to question your appropriateness.

It's your blog. Go for it, Angela.

Carla says it all (and often does in audaciously outrageous ways--too bad Anon has not been by her place on the internet!). A state of mind is something you bring to everything, every breath, every moment.

Good luck on hooking one of those nibblers!