Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life on the Mountain

Well, life on the mountain is good so far. I awakened at 4am Monday morning and got up to enjoy the full moon in a clear starry sky. As I was watching the moon begin her descent, I noticed a faint green streaking in the sky. At first I thought it was just funny looking clouds but I realized soon enough that it was the aurora bourealis. The flashing gave it away - tendrils of pale green etheric mist that literally flashed across the sky. It felt like a blessing. It felt like a homecoming.

Brent and I slept in the "big" house and the "little" house was therefore quite cool in the wee morning hours so I decided to get a fire in the woodstove going. I thought I knew how to build a fire. It took me an hour to get the damned thing going; every time I was sure it was lit I'd busy myself somewhere else (like outside with the moon and the aurora) and when I checked it again it would be out. It became a highly personal challenge to get that house warm before Brent got up and came down and I felt like I'd passed an initiation when it finally blazed for good.

I unfortunately had to forego the permaculture workshop. My brakes started grinding when I left Butte and I needed to get to Lakeside as quickly as possible in order to have them repaired. I'm on the lookout for another workshop here though and am doing as much reading as possible on permaculture and something I believe is becoming very important: collapse-awareness.

I was asked recently if my vision is for Brent and me to be the hub of a permaculture movement within our community and that's very close. The truth is the vision has been percolating for some time but I haven't been able to define it - I just keep working my way through each challenge that arises, attempting to put all the pieces together. The idea has always been that whatever end it came to it's my hope that it helps a lot more people than just me. That's actually beginning to look possible. At the same time, there's just no telling what it will look like.

I will, of course, be writing more. And as soon as possible, but right now I have to drive in to the Kalispell library which is a 20-mile one-way trip to use the computer. In the meantime, I'll continue to gather my thoughts, continue to research and continue to speak my truth. What else is a girl gonna do? Love a cowboy or something??

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