Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Make My Day

Hey! I got an award. How cool is that? And from two of my favorite bloggers, the lovely hostess of everyone's favorite OTV, Olivia andMiss Annie at My Spiritual Journey, where you can take bushwalks through the Outback of Australia. It's a "You Make My Day" award and these two always do that for me.

These are the rules: Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

Here are my picks: Julie at S'up, Sherri at Sherri Blossoms, Rick at Hamguin's Hide-not, John Eaton at Country Don't Mean Dumb, Miss R at Tales of Inglewood, Kelly at Kikipotomaus the Hippo, Carla Sanders at Carla Sanders Touching Art, Chani at Thailand Gal, Jane at Painted House 52 and Anybeth at Swimming in Clear Water.
I know some of you have already gotten the award, but too bad, you're getting it again. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to post comments on all these blogs about the award - if you see your name here and you want it, take it, if not, no big deal. Also, it's hard to pick only a certain number of bloggers for an award. If you're on my blogroll - I'm reading you and I'm reading you because you make my day. And some of you I would've picked, but I know you don't want the award anyway - so there.

Now I have to tell ya'll something hilarious. Remember in my last post how I was re-committing to walking and yoga and all that great stuff? Well, yesterday I twisted my knee - badly. It hurt so bad when I first did it I got nauseated and actually thought I might have broken my leg. This has happened before - I have a weird tendon or ligament or something that sometimes gets popped out of place. I've had it looked at and I could have surgery, but it happens so rarely that it doesn't seem worth it. Sometimes I can ice it and stay off it for a few hours and it goes back into place and is good as new. Not this time. Last night I had to use one of my dining table chairs like a walker! Talk about humbling. Talk about irony. Talk about the Universe saying, "Hey you - learn to be still." Like, ok, I get it.


Julie said...

Ouch...knee's weren't God's best invention. I occasionally twist my PCL and have had an MRI, but honestly there isn't a lot that can be done.
Thanks for the award!

thailandchani said...

Thanks for the nod. :)

Your knee! Oh, no! But I do think you're right about the message.

Anybeth said...

um, you linked my name to CB's blog. mine is swimming in clear water. :)

Sherri said...

Aw, thanks for the award! It's too bad I'm not blogging right now. I'm tempted to go sneak it in the sidebar, even if I'm not playing along the right way.

Sorry about your knee. I hope you learn whatever you need to learn from your enforced stillness. ;)

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hope your knee gets better soon...I have a knee that gives me the same message! I can relate. Beverly

Journey Through Life said...

How creative using your dining chair to help you. I wouldn't have thought of that!
What is the deal with injury after motivation. In my case, I know it's not lack of fitness because I do keep up fairly well and it's not always an injury. I will get sick or something that will stop the regular gym attendance or walks.
The same thing happened with Olivia. Started walking and stuffed her knee after two days.
Hope you heal quickly.

Rick Hamrick said...

Sorry to hear the trick knee was messin' with you again, Angela!

Thanks so much for award, and, even more, thanks for your example of writing what you honestly believe, with no apologies or political correctness.

It is refreshing to stop by and see what you are up to, and so I'll keep stopping by if you will keep writing.


Olivia said...

Sigh! Obviously, I can relate too, Angela :) Love and healthy healed knees, O

miss*R said...

thankyou very much xo I am honoured that I make your day xoxo
and I am so glad you are part of my blogging life... I love reading your blog xo

Angela said...


I'm sorry about that! I'll get it corrected.

Thanks everyone. Going to doc this morning. It's worse than I thought.

MMarie said...

Congratulations on the award. Also, ooooh, sorry about the knee. I guess it is an opportunity to stay still. Also, all of your posts that are available. What a wonderful, soulful, insightful journey.

bella said...

Take it easy on yourself.
Sometimes it does seem that more than doing "good" things, what is asked for is to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that's almost exactly what happened to Olivia when she walked on her treadmill two days in a row. She ended up GROUNDED with a knee brace on. I hope you feel better soon.

John Eaton said...

Thanks, Angela.

Hope you feel better soon. And be sure to get a warranty on any repairs. Can't be too careful in all that big country. :)

Mich said...

*YOW* that hurts ... I hope you're feeling better soon.

Congrats on the award!


Jane said...

Hi Angela!

Thanks for the award...I do feel truly honored. I hope you feel better soon!!

Diva Carla said...

Thank you for the award. I love getting it. You are a winner too. I hope the knee sorts itself out without intervention. Yes, Slow Down.