Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wellness Wednesday - The Soul's Companion

From The Soul's Companion by Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

Organic Life

I am biologically programmed for development. Just as a flower grows from a seed, blooms, wilts and returns to the earth. I, too, have a life cycle. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, I will come and go, be born, bloom and die. I am organic. I eat from the earth - I am a part of it, dependent on it. This is why I will love the world, becaue this world into which I am born is my spiritual and physical home.

I come from and will return to this world.

In the laboratory we can see daily things that come into existence and then disappear, that pop into existence out of nowhere and then fade away. These are subatomic particles so it is all on a pretty small scale, but we can imagine that if we apply quantum physics to the universe as a whole, the entire thing, all the matter, energy and space could come into existence out of nowhere, spontaneously, as a gigantic quantum fluctuation . . . . . . Quantum physics' contribution is that of a universe that is not predetermined but an evolutionary pattern that is governed by probabilities, which creates a true openness.

Phil Davies

This will be my bow-out Wellness Wednesday post as well. I'm just not a stick-with-the-program kind of gal. I will, of course, continue to visit Lunar Musings and appreciate the opportunity to have participated.

I'd also like to say a fond hello to John Eaton whose blogging I miss very much and whose photo I stole for this post because I couldn't find that cool picture of The Soul's Companion that I used before.

My parents are in town from Georgia for a long weekend, but I'll be back early next week with that archetype post I promised.

Peace to all.


lunarmusings said...

Ah... I understand... it can be challenging sticking to a weekly commitment like this.

I will miss your contributions, but am happy that I can still come here and read your wisdom!


Journey Through Life said...

I keep forgetting about them, but I don't want to. There have just been too many other things going on for me and my blogging has taken a back seat. Olivia would say that I am out living life! But I hope to get back into both Sunday Sunday and Wellness Wednesday again.

I loved your first paragraph. I usually think of it the other way. That I belong in the spirit world and the earth is my classroom. It was nice to see it from the other angle.


bella said...

things do find a way of coming to their end.
I myself have been feeling some things wane, which is what happens so other things can begin to bloom.

Jane said...

Have a wonderful weekend. I loved this post!

Kikipotamus said...

Peace to you, too, Angela. I hope the visit goes well.

John Eaton said...

That pixie looks good here, Angela. Happy New Year. :)