Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 8

Thank you so much for your comments and prayers. I so appreciate the people I've befriended through the blogging community.

I won't be able to get into the treatment center right away, and possibly not at all. But I'm sure I'll do some out-patient treatment if that doesn't work out. I wish I could get things moving faster but for now I just have to stay sober and wait and see how things develop. I have an appointment on Thursday to enroll at the chemical dependency center here. After that, I will be scheduled for an assessment and it will be decided whether in-pateint or out-patient is more appropriate.

In the meantime I have been attending AA meetings and sticking close to my sober friends. I find my heart re-opening to the value of AA even though I still have a difficult time with some aspects of it. I have a very good friend who has had me over to dinner twice this week and is checking in with me daily. Also, my friend, Pam, from Georgia is keeping in close touch and may even be coming back out for another visit soon. I've rejoined the LSR Safe e-mail list where I also have many friends and support. Both of my employers are understanding and are willing to work with me through this and my family is always a source of great love and compassion. I really have everything I need to begin this journey and 8 days is a good start.

Hopefully, this blog will improve right along with me.


thailandchani said...

It all sounds like positive movement... and there are a lot of good people in AA, even if the "program" is a bit hard to swallow.

I'm just so glad to have you back on the LSR list. :)


Olivia said...


Chani's got it absolutely. You're where you need to be right now. Yay for Day 8!! I know you can do this Angela! As always, thank you for sharing with us, Love, O

Mary LA said...

My heart is with you and I am sure you will find the support you need in AA, LifeRing and elsewhere, in therapy and friendship and your beloved astrology.

Somebody said to me at the outset: 'There is no wrong way o get sober' and I believe that.

Email on its way.



Angela said...

Thanks, Chani. It feels so good to be back on the list and I wonder why I kept myself away for so long. I guess I didn't want to go back until I felt really, really, ready.

Olivia, I appreciate your being with me on this journey. I admire you so much.

Mary, thank you. I like that: no wrong way.