Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Don't Say?

This is my horoscope for this week from one of my favorite astrologists, D. K. Brainard. You can check him out at Words for the People.

Scorpio - Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your 4th House Wednesday for a six-week stay. The 4th House symbolizes the roots of your being, your foundation. On the level of samsara, or the illusion of the world, the 4th House symbolizes home, family, and the emotional patterns that grew out of your experiences of these. As you'll recall, last week's solar eclipse landed in this same area of your chart. This was an exceptionally beneficial eclipse, indicating you're now in the process of fundamentally reframing these experiences. Ideally, the outcome of this process of reinterpretation is that you are free to relate to life as a mature, powerful adult, rather than unconsciously reacting with the same fears and expectations that were burned into your mind in childhood. Mars wants to help you accelerate this process of self-exploration and release; any time you feel stuck, you can move the energy by doing something in the home. Now would be an exceptionally good time to start a home-based project such as painting the walls, refinishing the floors, or systematically going through your stuff and getting rid of anything you no longer need.

This astrology perfectly describes the position I now find myself in - one of rehashing some key things that happened in my life and becoming more aware of the ways I unconsciously continue to act on these ancient happenings. For most people, me included, that means looking back at my childhood and the people who were important in my childhood, my immediate family being first and foremost. Anyone who has ever attempted a journey such as this knows it's not an easy thing. I suppose a majority of people never really understand the ways in which they have been shaped by their family, their society, their religion and their own mind. I think I know why. It's mind-blowing!

It's also very freeing. I've known these "facts" about my life for so long, but have never examined them in the thoughtful, nonjudgmental way that I find myself doing now. Don't get me wrong; I've taken a hard look at these events before, but there was always still too much judgmentalism in my own mind to be clear about them. I had to reach a point of complete willingness to forgive - to forgive myself first of all and then everyone who I felt had hurt me in some way. That's what the depression was about and it is lifting as each day I feel the freedom of finding out who I really am.

This feels like a foundation to me; a foundation for a happier, healthier, more productive life.


Sherri said...

You said on my post that I could have been describing your experience; well here you're describing mine! Those stupid judgements that keep us from seeing the truth of what affected us and how to really get past it, not just slap a band aid on it. I'm so happy you're in this place. There must be some sort of earth-wide astrology going on here. :)

Olivia said...

I enjoy following you on your journey, Angela. Judgment is so nasty, and I think we have all been there. Non-judgment is SO much nicer, and truer, I'm thinking. Peace and love,


Angela said...

Sherri, I absolutely believe it - the earth-wide astrology idea. That was a great piece of writing you did.

Olivia, gotta see what you've been up to at Happy Luau. Going there now!