Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Clarity is helping me stay sober today. Clarity about who I am. Clarity about what I need to do. Clarity about the reality of alcoholism; clarity about the reality of recovery; clarity about placing anyone else's needs before the needs of my recovery. Along with clarity comes a whole boatload of hope to go along with it. Because I'm seeing things as they are - not as I wish they were. This is hard-won clarity. I have earned it and I intend to nurture it, water it, feed it and watch it grow.

Clarity about my own character and my own intentions regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. Clarity about that sick feeling I get in my stomach when someone is wanting to keep me in the dark about things. Clarity about how useful I am as an active alcoholic and who I'm useful to, and who I want to be useful to.

Clarity. It's a very good thing.


thailandchani said...

Yes, clarity does mean a lot. It's a step forward to begin operating in reality rather than ideals. I'm sorry it didn't work out with your rental. It sounded like such a perfect place.


PMFAddictionTreatmentCenter said...

Thanks for the post.
Clarity comes with sobriety if we work a 12-step program fully. Feeling connected to our gut instincts is very helpful

Olivia said...

Yes, indeed, and I am so glad you have won it, Angela. Love and continued clarity, O