Friday, March 20, 2009

I'd like to apologize to anyone in AA that I offended with my last post. Many AA members in my face to face community and in the blogging community have been really wonderful to me and I'm afraid it sounded a lot like I don't appreciate it. I do. Very much.

I still feel very conflicted about AA and probably what I should've said was that AA feels the same to me in many ways as the Baptist church did. I'm starting to gain some understanding of why this is, but it's still very much in process and I'm not ready to write anymore about it further at this time.

In the meantime, my commitment to sobriety is strong and right now I feel good with what I'm doing to support and encourage that commitment. Between therapy, getting signed up with the local cd center - which happens next week, finally! - , work, exercise, friends, Brent, writer's group and whatever else comes up I'm managing to stay just busy enough and still have time to give much consideration to the changes that are taking place within me. I don't have much money, but I have time to focus, time to rest and prepare myself good food, time to write, time to pray, even time to do absolutely nothing.

I'm also doing some interesting reading which I will post about more in the coming days. I hope you'll keep coming back. Pun fully intended.


thailandchani said...

I will be interested in hearing about the things you are reading.

Agree with you about AA. It never worked for me, either.. but all the blessings to those for whom it does work.


Angela said...

Thanks, Chani. :)

Olivia said...

Angela, I continue to congratulate you on your sobriety. You are doing great. Time freedom is something sought after by people with money, riches, fame--and you've got it already! Love and rest, O

Anonymous said...

Take care of you. If only I could take my own advice.Your blog helps every woman alcoholic, (me). The shame that stigma carries...... Maybe there can be an AA for women only who admire men, but need autonomy for sobriety.


Claudia said...

You're one of the best people I've ever known, Angela, and surely one of the bravest. Your honesty helps all of us. Much MUCH love!!!

Paula and Skip said...

Congrats from an unknown reader, an constant visitor of Al Anon and fiance to an Alcoholic a who has a hard time as AA doesnt work for him. I wish you all the best. Paula xx

miss*R said...

I am not a recovering alcoholic as you know but i am the child of an alcoholic and I went to a few meetings for children of alcoholic parents.. didn't last long as I felt i was back at church. But I will say that the meetings I did attend helped me see where some of my issues come from.
I do know however that it works for many, many people. Not all though.
bless you xoxo