Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Five

Things I like about being sober:

1. I feel better.

2. I'm sleeping the night through.

3. I've lost three pounds.

4. I'm saving money.

5. I feel good about myself.



pvslayer said...

1. Don't have to wonder what I did last night.

2. I'm not sick.

3. I'm not waiting for the next drink to feel better.

4. Alcohol and drugs are not in front of everything I do and everything I am. They were always a wall between me and life because they came first, no matter what I told myself to the contrary.

5. I have a chance to find out who I am and my life feels very meaningful now...only, of course, I don't know WHAT it means. Who cares? :)

thailandchani said...

For me, it's definitely the ability to make conscious choices. Even if they are wrong, at least I can choose again without too much damage.


Olivia said...

Congratulations, Angela...I like just feeling free and clear! xxoo, O

Angela said...

C, you crack me up. :)

Yes, Chani, I'm with you on that.

Me, too, O!

Mary LA said...

Good to see you back and posting again.

At 21 months sober

1 I enjoy coping with challenges sober and not avoiding/escaping them
2 I like being able to feel deeply and without ambivalence
3 I love the quality of my relationships, the renewed trust
4 I love the energy that comes with restored health
5 I love having my sense of humour back



The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

1. Not doing or saying things I might regret later.
2. Being present in the moment.
3. Being able to trust people.
4. Feeling healthy.
5. This.

Angela said...

EOH, oh yes, definitely that.