Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sometimes things work out in a way you couldn't have planned as well yourself. This is one of those times. The cowboy's mom lives in Redding, CA and she has a couple of kayaks in her
garage that aren't being used, so he and I are going to go fetch them from her. Exploring Flathead Lake on a kayak has been a dream of mine for a couple of years - ever since I kayaked with my sister on the lake my parents live on in Georgia. Looks like I'll be doing some of that this summer now.
And for five years, since I first moved to Montana, I've dreamed of visiting the Oregon Coast. We've decided to go to Redding by way of Seattle and then the coast! I've never been to Seattle either and I'm looking forward to exploring that city for a day or two and then on to the cute little villages along the Coast, hopefully some whale watching and definitely taking in a lighthouse or two along the way. My knee will probably prevent me from getting to the top of the lighthouses, but, hey, you never know. I'm pretty pumped! I admit to being a little nervous about traveling that kind of distance while I'm still experiencing quite a bit of pain, but the cowboy assures me we will stop every couple of hours along the way and make sure I stay as comfortable as possible.
Now, if that wonderful employer of mine hadn't laid me off when he did, this trip wouldn't be possible. And if I weren't still out of work due to the surgery it wouldn't be possible. So those two things, which seemed so awful at the time, have cojoined to create this incredible opportunity.
We'll be gone 10-14 days and I will probably not have computer access, but I look forward to checking in with all my favorite bloggers when I get back. I've been having computer problems lately as well and haven't had the patience to wait for pages to load, so once again, I apologize if I haven't visited you in awhile! I hope to have many great pictures and stories to share with you when I return.


Diva Carla said...

Angela I am so excited for you! As you know I was recently in part of the territory you'll be driving through. It is heaven right now!
Enjoy yourself completely.

And hooray for the gentleman cowboy!

Anybeth said...

Wonderful! Oregon is my neck of the woods. Advice? bring a sweater! and your camera! Enjoy!

Sherri said...

Wow! I hope you have a great time, Angela. See ya when you get back.

Olivia said...


We may be on your way. We're in Olympia, WA along I-5 on the way to Portland. If you haven't left yet, let me know if you'd like to stop by. I'd love to meet you and your cowboy. Even if it's just for a cup of coffee/tea along the way...




Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

Sounds great! Enjoy every minute of it (and say hi to the whales for me.)

Rick Hamrick said...

One place I hope to see someday that you are likely to pass along the way: Cannon Beach. It's northwest of Portland, right on the ocean. There are really amazing, huge rock formations out in the water which make for some really cool photographs under all kinds of different weather conditions. 101 goes right through the edge of town.

Have a great trip, Angela!

Claudia said...

Thinking of you every day.

love c

bella said...

It sounds amazing!
I lived in Seattle for a couple of years. It's a cool place.
I hope you have adventures, rest, and the thrill of the open road and the waters of the northwest.

Lydia said...

Interesting blog, yours. I live in Oregon, two hours from the coast. A whale breached out of the water minutes after my husband and I scattered my mother's ashes near Depoe Bay in 2000. My blog is new, and I've barely addressed my 22 years of sobriety (only the first year did I attend AA). The full deal is the only way for me, but in briefly reviewing some of your posts I consider you a pioneer. I will be visiting again, and hope you have a beautiful trip.

Wendy said...

Angel, thinking of you this a.m. and checked out your blog to find you did indeed get the chance to take the road trip. Good for you and hope you have a fabulous trip.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Aah, the northwest coast. I'm totally jealous. Hope you enjoy it. Hope it's bright and moist!

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claud said...

(tapping foot)

Okay, time to come home now, Angela!

Miss you!