Thursday, April 3, 2008

Roadmap to Holland - The Release

Gosh. I guess it's been 2 1/2 years since my friend, the Practical Vampire Slayer, invited me to join a writer's group that was getting started in our little community. She and I were working together at the local newspaper at the time and I had just begun writing after, oh, about a 30 year hiatus. That's where I met Jennifer. Jennifer had begun work on a book of her experiences with Avery, her son born with Down's Syndrome.

I'll never forget that first writer's group. My nervousness soon disappeared when I realized that the lovely woman with the golden curls would be "overseeing" us and that her heart was as golden as her hair. Jennifer is the kind of woman that immediately puts you at ease; she's soft, but her softness is encased in a strength that naturally draws others to her.

While a few people dropped out right away, we have maintained a core group of writers that meet once a month for going on three years now. I remember many a night when our whole group sat in silence and tears after hearing Jennifer read something from her "work in progress".

That work in progress is now a book: "Roadmap to Holland" has just been released by Penguin . I think everyone in our writer's group is as proud as if it were our own book - which Jennifer would probably tell you in a way it is.

Another member of our group has been blogging up a storm lately and I think you'll enjoy reading Julie at Alley-Grazer.

Congratulations, Jennifer! We love you!


claud said...

How beautifully and perfectly said, Angela. The celebration goes on!!


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

This is great. A supportive writers' group. A published book. And more good writing on the way. Best to all of you and thanks for the upbeat report, Angela!

thailandchani said...

Cool! One more book to put on my "to read" list.

Perhaps one day yours will be on there, too? :)

Angela said...


I suppose anything is possible! :)

bella said...

I love hearing about writing groups.
Mine has been a source of inspiration, guidance and a kick in the pants when I need motivation.
Thanks for sharing her book with us here. I look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

I would say that! Because it's true...without the love and support and help, the book would never have been written.

I'm so glad you're writing now, it's been my great pleasure to listen to and learn from your words.