Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hangin' out at the . . . . cemetary?

Yeah, this is what we do for fun in Polson on a Saturday afternoon. Actually, the Lakeview Cemetary is atop a hill that overlooks Polson Bay, the narrows and the mountains of the Mission, the Swan and the Flathead Valleys. It's one of the most beautiful views in Polson and one of the quietest spots in an already quiet town. I like to go there to think and ponder, to daydream and reminise, to pray and stand in awe. My prayers go something like this, which are the lyrics from a Joan Armatrading song I'm listening to:

They're singing secular songs in the churches
And there's not a word of God
It's all Schubert and Beethoven
Oh and lots of french love songs
So let's go down on Sunday morning
To hear that Jacob sermon read
Everybody's dressed in their finest apparal baby
Listening to the preacher eulogies

Then we'll pray
Yea we'll pray
Our souls will rise upon that date
Pray we change to better ways

They're telling stories about love's passion
All about menage a trois
Hear those heart felt Leider
Coming from that deep bass voice
And whilst some sleep through this music
Others weep for all the pain
As they sing secular songs to the churches baby
It's time to kneel let's kneel and pray.

That's followed by the chorus again with lots of soulful hallelujah's thrown in and at this part I can't decide which to sing - Pray or Hallelujah!
I brought the cowboy to this cemetary yesterday. We seem to have burned through all our illusions about each other in the past few weeks - and decided we still think it's a good thing to hang out together awhile. I feel good about that.

One of the artists I was working with, Nancy Greenfield, came up today and collected the inventory of hers I still had. Nancy and I had a great, though short-lived working relationship and made friends in the process. I sold a little of her work for her and we ended our business relationship on very good terms. Plus, I made another new friend. Hi, Joe! Hope you found me.
I feel good about that.

I'm prepared for the upcoming surgery and am eager to get it over with and start the process of recovery. Ya'll remind me of that two weeks from now when I'm wanting to kill my physical therapist! I feel good about that.

And there's one thing for sure. I'm not "asleep in Jesus" yet. And let me tell you, I feel very good about that!


jennifergg said...

oh heavens! these photos make me really homesick!

but now about you! i hope you're ready for surgery...i know two other women who have undergone the same surgery (because of skiiing, which is why i don'!) with great success, though i know it was a process to reach recovery. i am holding a good thought for you!

(and for you and the cowboy, too! :))


Mich said...

You can feel the peace in those photos!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery.


Angela said...

Trust me, Jennifer, Polson misses you, too!

Thanks, Mich.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

any friend of Armatrading's who also hangs out on one of my favorite blogs is welcome on my blogroll too, Angela. Good luck with the scalpel guys.

John Eaton said...

Lovely post, Angela.

Keep your chin up and your powder dry. :)

Angela said...

Thanks, guys!

Jane said...

Those are beautiful shots. I hope you had a restful weekend :)


Anonymous said...

A gorgeous scene.

Thanks for taking us along with you.

Aine said...

We seem to have burned through all our illusions about each other in the past few weeks - and decided we still think it's a good thing to hang out together awhile.

Why don't they teach us that when we are in our 20's?! It could prevent lots of heartache. Sounds like you've got a good thing starting!

Best of luck with the surgery and rehab. Please don't kill your PT! I've worked with many and they've all been wonderful.

Angela said...


Actually I love my PT - most of the time. :) Thanks for stopping by!

bella said...

these photos are stunning.
best of luck with the surgery.
I am thinking of you.