Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sacred Sunday Post #2


Just kidding. Although I did. . . . eat again, that is.


My prayers are all about action these days. Taking the right actions, not taking the wrong ones. I planned on spending the afternoon getting my office in order and making a vision board, as described on Cafe Entrepreneur, Laura Howard West's blog that I just love. I went shopping and got everything I needed for the office and the vision board. I wanted to reorganize the office first, then reward myself by making the vision board. Right in the middle of my major reorganization, a phone call came that a friend of mine was in town and would only be here a short time. So I stopped and went for a Sunday afternoon visit, which turned into lunch, which turned into showing another friend all the beautiful art I brought home from a client's yesterday. And now my project is all around me unfinished and I'm feeling that I seriously need a nap. Dilemmas. Life is full of them. Just like most things in my life, I don't pray in any kind of conventional way. I pray by doing. I pray by going with the flow. I may even pray by taking a nap with my office turned upside down!


Journey Through Life said...

How wonderful. I found really drawn to your thoughts of prayer at the end and then into fun laughter by your final sentence. It's always good to have a great blog bring a smile to your face! Thanks for that!

Good luck with your re-organization. It sounds like a great thing to be doing.


Diva Carla said...

So familiar with this dilemma myself, Angela. Did you perhaps plan to work when you really needed a day off instead?

The nap prayer is very effective I hear. I never take naps even when I need one really badly. I have a couple of friends who take them every day, and they seem to be very productive.

Angela said...


I love naps. And yes, I worked when I needed a day off. Such is the plight of a new business owner. :)

Diva Carla said...

Oh, yes, entreprenurial hell, sometimes known as the Curse of the Artist (artists are always working, or ought to be, which is harder.) I usually usually double book a day off and working on the same day.
More frequent naps may be the answer.

Sherri said...

I take naps, too, but I always feel guilty about them, as if I should be doing laundry. Even when I go through the benefits (alertness, creative energy, etc.) I still feel guilty. Silly.

I don't pray the traditional way, i.e. on my knees, hands clasped, head bowed. Instead I just talk to myself. I figure out a lot of things that way, using myself as a sounding board. Also, I make sure to say thank you to the universe, no matter how cranky I feel.

claud said...

Holy cow, Angela. What in the heck is going on? This is SO damn cool. I'm keeping this one in mind as I go through my day today. I need to write and have a sick child at home. Your experience here will help so much.

love, c

Angela said...

This is why I love Carla's Women at Rest blog so much. I think it's something we all sorely need that we rarely make time for. Rest, regeneration. It's necessary.