Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All Natural Cure for Restless Legs Syndrome

I don't know when I've been so glad to get home, get in my fleece and get comfortable. My sleep has been poor lately, interrupted by a sore shoulder, the lovely and ever-soaking menopausal night sweats and a headful of information on starting a new business. But one thing that won't be keeping me up tonight is RLS, Restless Legs Syndrome. This particularly nasty little syndrome will let you get nice and relaxed before causing your legs to begin thrusting like a junkie's coming off smack (or so I've heard). I suffered with RLS for a few years, trying mutliple remedies that seemed to help, but never quite got rid of it. I tried hoemopathic remedies, supplements, exercise and acupuncture. I remember hearing about the new pharmaceutical, Requip, that could help provide relief, but the price was a possible problem with gambling and sex addiction. Thanks anyway. Then a friend of mine, The Practical Vampire Slayer as a matter of fact, (she has an excellent new post up by the way) told me how she had cured hers with a liquid calcium supplement. I was pretty skeptical at this point, but the RLS had become so bothersome that I really would try anything I hadn't already, except the Requip. After a week of night-time doses of Nature's Life liquid calcium, magnesium & phosphorous liquid, my RLS disappeared. Since then, 2-3 doses a week seems to do the trick to keep away the jittery legs.

One thing I really love about the blogging community is the free and reciprocal sharing of information. When I originally began this blog, I wanted to focus partly on some of the physical problems that tend to plague people, especially women, in recovery and treatments I've found helpful. I got a little sidetracked and then my new blogging friend, the lovely Elena of Lunar Musings started the Wellness Wednesday project and provided me the perfect opportunity to get back on track.

I can't guarantee this cure for you, but it worked for the PVS and it worked for me. If you're having a problem with RLS, I hope it works for you, too.


claud said...

This explains my burning ears! Thanks, Angela. And it IS a relief not to have to dread going to bed anymore. Man, when it gets to THAT point, forget about it!

The ads for Requip crack me up. Aren'tcha just dying to know what they put in that stuff? It sounds like some kind of French Connection II torture drug! Jeepers.

Another very surprising and tremendously helpful supplement I've found (esp. if you're also in peri or full menopause...ahem!) is SOLARAY B-STRESS P.M. A little calcium, a little mag, a little valerian and some B's...WOW.

I love stuff that works.

Angela said...

I've been meaning to get to the health food store and buy some Solaray. Thanks for reminding me.

Yeah, that Requip is pretty scary stuff. What is also funny is the number of sites I found that want to sell you a home remedy for RLS.

Have a great day, Slayer!

Olivia said...

Angela, Thank you for this idea. My husband has severe RLS and is on both Requip and Gabapentin for it. I ordered some of the calcium you recommended from Amazon. It's certainly worth a try, that's for sure.

If he doesn't take his meds, he flails all night long and wakes feeling as though he didn't sleep. His father had the same problem.

Thank you for the great idea!

Angela said...


I'll be so excited to hear how it works for him!

Julie said...

I just gave your suggestion to my boyfriend, who thinks he may have something similar. Thanks!

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