Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Absolutely Painful

Drew Wheelan of the American Birding Association and the bloggers at the Gulf Restoration Network continue to report the oily truth in the Gulf of Mexico. How many people believe that the disaster is over; the oil cleaned up or "dispersed"; the damage somehow mitigated? Do you believe that?

I've been working a lot the past couple of weeks. I come home tired, feet and legs hurting. My diet goes to hell because I don't have the energy or the time to cook like I usually do. I actually like my job, but that doesn't seem to make me any less fatigued when I'm done. The store where I work is a home and ranch store - they play a country music station all day that plays the same damned songs over and over, taking us down to the little white church at least 8 times a day. It's a large store with bright eye-piercing light and concrete floors (luckily the dept. I work in has a thin layer of something akin to carpet over the conrete). The radioes are going all day and this week is school-shopping week. That means kids. Lots and lots of kids.

I find it overstimulating at best and absolutely painful after 6 hours. I like to work and I definitely need the money, but I hate how it sort of sucks the passion out of my life temporarily. And I'm running late this morning, but I did want to keep the attention here at ER on the Gulf. Surely this story will eventually break.

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Olivia said...


I'm sorry about your job, and hope that you will find something that is more peaceful and conducive to thought and less depleting. I would also find it this way, everything you described. I'm glad you do have it, but am hoping for something much better for you soon!

Love, O

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Angela as always you inspire me and keep me connected to what is real and what is for many of us a conundrum of how to work and have a creative life...
Someday the two shall meet.

Thank you for you passion to the oil spill...I am following it and doing all that I can to make sure others know the truth...

xoxo gabi