Saturday, June 26, 2010


Only the willing undertaking of responsibility can lead to healing.
Starhawk, The Twelve Wild Swans


Anonymous said...

Great Photo. And Interesting Blog.
Good luck in your adventures..

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Angela. I missed you. I have two new blogs that are getting more of my attention than the art blog. I am trying to sew it all together to express the whole of me.

I love this quote by Starhawk. It's staring me in the face right now too.
Responsibility... REsponse ability... as healing, for me as a person and this off-the-chain culture we are living in.

I did Starhawk's earth activist training a year ago, and this weekend, I am speaking on orgasmic Alchemy and permaculture at the NE Permaculture convergence. Holy cow!

Keep eating wild. We'll stay in touch here.