Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Moon in Aquarius Intentions

It's that new moon time of the month again and time to set desires/intentions for the coming moon cycle. This new moon is in the sign of Aquarius and falls in my 4th house.

The Aquarius influence in the fourth house implies a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. The native has some quality that marks him/her as distinctively different from others, although this may not be immediately apparent. This is far less obvious than when Uranus is in the first house but is perhaps even more explosive and far-reaching in the fourth. The native conceives ingenious methods and techniques with which to tackle his/her objectives.

I found the above at this site and I have to say it really rings true for me. I've always been reluctant to share my living space and have found it somewhat confining when I shared it with one other person. I especially like to be able to decorate my space in a way that resonates with my soul and conveys my personality. It's hard to do that when there's another person trying to do the same thing.

Which makes it especially interesting that I find myself liking the communal living situation as well as I do. I think it's because I do have my own space, albeit rather small, which I can create as my own and retreat to while sharing the public spaces with my peers.

And of course my home life is in big question right now. Brent is ready for me to come live with him and a big huge part of me wants that to happen. Not only because I love him but because I'm so ready to be someplace for awhile, someplace where I feel rooted, someplace where I can grow food and do ritual and just be for awhile. The problem is that it's Brent's place and I can have a problem with turning over too much power in situations like that so I need to be really clear if that's what I decide to do. I need to make sure that we're agreed about the equality of the relationship, what we both want and expect from it, and most importantly, how committed he is to supporting my recovery.

So with all of that in mind, here are my desires/intentions for this new moon:

Meditate daily to get clear about what I really want for my next living arrangement.
Be patient while my ruling planet, Mars, is retrograde in Leo, in my 10th house of career,
while I'm looking for a job.
Hold weekly meetings for the women here in the home (I started this last week - it was
Remain sober and practice with my tools: chanting, creative visualization, journaling,
DBT skills, astrology, tarot, meditation and prayer.

I think that's enough for this month. I'll follow up on the full moon on February 28th which falls in the last degree of Leo conjunct my natal Uranus. Look out.

Right now I'm headed up the mountain to hopefully catch a glimpse of Venus and Jupiter.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

That sounds like a full plate of intentions, I am setting mine tonight too, this is a great blogpost and glad you are doing well and enjoying the situations being presented to you in your life.
blessed be dear heart

Anonymous said...

You sound very grounded and clear headed. I know what you mean about coming into someone else's space. I also find it really hard to do that. Either I feel like I'm taking over, and fear he will resent me for that (which has happened), or I end up never really feeling at remains "his" space with me trying to cram myself into a corner or two. UGH. So good luck. Communication is key and you clearly know that. Very glad you are going to ensure he is ready to fully support your recovery before deciding.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar situation, not sure if it's right or too soon or if I've been sober long enough. How do you set expectations with your boyfriend for his support of your recovery? Does he get to drink? Only when he's not around you or not at all? These are some questions I've been tempted to bring up with my boyfriend, but haven't found the right words.

BTW this is an anonymous post, which I know you and your friends hate, but I don't have a blog or a google account. Sorry.

Angela said...

Oh, sweetie. I don't mind anonymous comments. I just don't like mean anonymous comments. :)-That's a smiley face.

What Brent and I have discussed is that he will not drink around me. I wouldn't ask him to stop drinking - he doesn't have a problem with it. But the main thing is that I need to feel safe in my home and not have to worry that something might be put in my face when/if I'm having a weak moment.

Anonymous said...

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