Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts at 63 Days

The main thought that I'm having at 63 days of sobriety is that I'm so very grateful to be alive and not drinking. It's been a very hard-won decision for me, to finally admit that I have to give up the alcohol. Most days I just can't figure out what took me so long and then I decide that I don't care as long as I am sober NOW.

I'm slightly overwhelmed at everything that has to happen in the next two weeks, but I am plodding along, making slow, steady progress. All of the change is good change, but you know what they say. It's still stressful. And it is. So I'm remaining as focused on my self-care as I possibly can. Between errands, I worked out and tonight I'm going to make a nice dinner and relax. I'm going to miss the Wednesday night AA meeting that I've been going to but I will definitely go next week and probably this Friday as well. I want to invite everyone to visit me in Lakeside!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Brent at the Inn and we're going to paint one of the rooms and do some other pre-moving preparations. Have I mentioned how really incredible this guy is being? A year and a half after first meeting, we have fallen deeply in love. He's a rock. He's passionate, sexy, a little bit crazy and flamboyantly creative. Hey, everybody's gotta be a little eccentric don't you think? When I was drinking heavily, I couldn't see Brent, and he couldn't see me. Well, let me just tell you, we've got eyes now. I am very, very surprised! And absolutely, positively delighted!

So I'll be working in Lakeside all day tomorrow and Friday morning I have an appointment with my therapist and an appointment to get my windshield fixed - which is about two years overdue! At least! Oh, and don't forget the bleeping taxes. Good lord, who has time to do anything?

Oh. And I bought a new computer! Which I will have when I move and I am so looking forward to getting back up to speed. In all possible ways. Be well.


vicariousrising said...

I'm glad you mentioned keeping an eye on self care through all these changes. You sound like you have a great attitude still. Go, woman!

Julie said...


Sherri said...

Happy 63rd day. :)

julesgp187 said...

woo-hoo!! yay for you. it sounds GOOD.