Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mental Health Days

Well, that rain storm I sat through Tuesday morning? It turned to snow - a heavy, wet snow that caused my about-to-bloom poppies to lay their little heads down in the white grass. This is the latest it's snowed in the valley since I've been living here. Today the sun is scheduled to come back out and heat things up to 70 degrees. It will be welcome.

I appreciate all the comments you left on my last post. I really hesitated about whether to even put that up, but I'm glad I did. The cowboy showed up Tuesday evening and Roberta was nice enough to give me a "mental health" day yesterday. We spent it searching out possible places for me to move (I'm having continuous problems with this house from the plumbing to the heating) and visiting my naturopath who did something on me called strain/counterstrain which helped with my also continuing pain tremendously. I still had some crying to do, but this morning all the ghosts seem to have returned to wherever it is they hang out when they're not bugging me.


Julie said...

Since you have lived in Atlanta, i am sure you'll understand when I say this: YAY to snow.
Glad you are feeling better.

Rick Hamrick said...

It's great to hear that you are taking steps to change the things about your living space which cause you consternation.

There is no better way to say to yourself that you are interested in your own well-being than to do just what you are doing. It's cool to hear about your getting the day off you needed, too. It seems lots of times that the powerlessness at work contributes to the wrong side of the equation!

Sherri said...

I'm glad, Angela. Shoo, ghosties, shoo.

Diva Carla said...

Hey Angela,
Do you have one of those buttons that tells me when you have posted. I was checking in regularly, and you hadn't written anything. I thought about worrying about you, then I remembered you were working a lot, and I imagined you hanging out with the cowboy, and maybe kayaking, and figured "she's a big girl.."

Then I read you've been stirring it up from the bottom of the well. Shitty as it feels, that's good thing, especially the crying part.

Snow! my Daughter in Law helped deliver her new nephew in that snowstorm. They are in Idaho. Unbelievable!

Now I am imagining you having fun with a well earned summer, and it's gonna be real!

Angela said...

Julie - I hear ya! I've heard how hot it's been there.

Rick - Thank you as always for your kind and thoughtful comments.

Sherri - I love ya!

Carla- I have a feed on the blog where you can subscribe and new posts will be sent to your e-mail. Thanks for thinking of me. This weekend me and the cowboy are taking the kayaks out and getting that summer started.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I'm glad to see you're on 'an even strain', as it were. Snow?! In June?! That truly is incredible.

Lee's River said...

ghosts seem to require cyclical airings, don't they. Like unused sheets, maybe :-)