Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Soul's Companion

As is often the case, today's reading from The Soul's Companion is ever so appropriate.

In order to grow, we must struggle. Children struggle as they move through developmental stages, sorting and resorting what they learn and adapting it to new challenges. Our brain grows with use; new information creates brain growth and alters cell assemblies or particular constellations of memories. Part of struggling is working through previous stages into new ones, changing thoughts and behavior patterns, continually shaping and reshaping the self. When I am able to struggle, I can change, and I can allow others to change in my presence. I can move through stages of life without getting marooned in one because I can't face the anguish of the struggle toward a new one. Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

Just because I haven't had much to say here lately doesn't mean nothing's going on in that noggin' of mine. Hopefully, it will come out in a post soon.


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

clearly LOTS going on in your noggin' :-)
very interesting quote (and I love the image of "constellation of memories")

kikipotamus said...

This is a great reading. I agree with the writer. Can't wait to hear what's going on up there.

Rick Hamrick said...

A parallel concept to the struggle to grow is the surrender of old forms to allow new ones to become real. Sometimes, the struggle is one which might require less effort if one could allow the growth to take place.

It is such an imbedded part of our little fear-selves that we cannot easily let go of the image we have of ourselves enough to allow new wings to sprout!

Keep healing, Angela...keep healing.

Journey Through Life said...

a big smile to your comment that there is still lots going on in your noggin! :):)

I was telling a student a very similiar concept to this today. Probably because I am going through it myself right now. That it is when things get tough that we know things are beginning to shift. And we just have to find the change, the development and the positive angle in order to grow and expand. It is a time to move through the struggle with gusto!

Thanks for this perspective on this issue. A wonderful quote!


bella said...

Great quote.
It reminded me of on of my favorite passages:
"Chaos is the soil of creation. It plows the ground of intuition, preparing it to receive the seeds that wait in secret places for a fertile home. There is no need to force shapes to connect in order to make a coherent statement. This will be a betrayal of your intuition, and will lead only to control and loss of energy. Without chaos, nothing will grow." Life, Paint and Passion by Michele Cassou
Chaos, struggle, it is in a way, one and the same, the new growth finding its way through us.

Angela said...

Thanks for all your comments. Bella, I really love that quote. Lee, Kelly, Rick & Annie - thank you as always for offering your perspective and uplifting words.