Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Absurdities

Is that not the ugliest thing you have ever seen? OK, not the leg, the stocking. It's a compression stocking and is used after surgeries to prevent blood clots from shooting to your heart and knocking you dead, and to keep circulation moving. But, why, I ask you, can't they make one that looks like black fishnet? I mean, really, how difficult would that be, and how much better would I feel wearing it if it were? I wonder if healing would occur more quickly if one could feel just a little bit sexy in the process, you know? I could just get one for the other leg and drive the cowboy nuts while I'm recuperating. Prime that pump so to speak.

If the stocking itself isn't absurd enough, imagine my dismay when I realized I was down to two people to help me change it: my dad or my boyfriend. Arrrgghh!!! Somebody save me from this humiliation! Funny that I don't mind the gorgeous PT changing it - must be because I know he's a professional and he's seen tons of hairy, un-cared for legs and feet in his job(remember, my injury occurred on Jan. 19th and I have not been able to reach my left foot since then!). I have PT again tomorrow and an appointment afterwards for the sutures to be removed. And even though I don't have the money for it, I'm treating myself to a pedicure afterwards and maybe a pair of black fishnets to go with it.

Yesterday, they let me switch from this leg brace to this one. The first one I have actually had to sleep with since surgery. Trust me, I'm definitely ready for something else to be sharing my bed. Honestly, can you imagine having to sleep in that thing??

I guess the biggest absurdity was receiving a pink slip three days after surgery, when I was in the most extreme pain and surely not in a psychic place to be hit with not having a job. I experienced hurt, anger, dismay, that someone I worked hard for for two and a half years felt I could be treated with such abject dismissal. And then I remembered the source. And I remembered that I had been toying with looking for another job for quite awhile, and I remembered being ambushed on the pontoon boat, and I remembered the week that I went to detox in September of 2006, which I was paid for and which got me off that awful drug, ativan, and I figure it all worked out in the end. I have acted with integrity, which is certainly not a given, but which is something I will take with me to my next job - whatever it may turn out to be. In the meantime? I'm just relaxing.


thailandchani said...

Glad you are relaxing! I can't imagine having to sleep with that contraption on my leg. :)

BTW, the inside of your house is very, very pretty but you look so bereft laying there. :)

thailandchani said...

Oh.. and that former employer of yours? Karma karma karma. What an a-hole!

Angela said...

Thanks, Chani. I actually wasn't feeling bereft, just lazy. :)

Sherri said...

Maybe your next job will involve the slalom or turning cartwheels, which you couldn't do with a bad knee. ;)

Journey Through Life said...

Keep resting up and getting well.

Anonymous said...

Your sense of humor in any situation will always set you apart from the others, black fishnets? Thank you for keeping your head and heart up and inspiring this woman to be strong, it can be all right I know that from you, showing me that with your blog, I need to look at myself and see what will I do with this life?

All my healing thoughts and feelings to you,

Olivia said...

Thank you for sharing your recovery with us, Angela. You have some space now in your life, and it will be wonderful to see what it will be filled with,

Peace tonight, O

Angela said...


Like I told C, kiss my knee. :)

Thanks, Annie, Carolyn & Olivia

Anonymous said...

The brace is familiar. My gf slept with one on for several weeks after one of her knee surgeries. Imagine being in bed with her, me, and THAT! Uff da, as they say where I was raised.
As for your boss -- what a coward -- and a d-bag and a few other choice words I could think of.
Hope you are feeling somewhat better. Glad you are taking it easy on that couch. Thanks for coming by my blog. I linked to you now that you responded. You are under the recovery links.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

oh, I noticed that too - the business of acting with integrity rarely leading to a promotion. I got sacked from one of my jobs for precisely the same reason. It turned out that it was a blessing in disguise as it saved me the grief of having to be the media responder in a campus shoot-out shortly thereafter. (Just doing my best to cheer you up here - I'm sure the PT will do a much better job)
black fishnet - maybe you can slip some OVER the other thingie? I realize it would probably look like you were trying to bag a school of tuna but...
Hang in there, Angela.

Rae said...

Angela ... I loved it that you could focus on the present ... your present place, the ugly beige stocking vs. a black fishnet ... before you mentioned the pink slip.

My prayers are with you.

Angela said...

JAA - but just think how she must've felt.

Lee - How intruiging! Do tell!

Thanks, Rae.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

"do tell" - short version: let's call the man a CEO; let's call his mistress his executive assistant; let's call their love child a fatherless miracle. I was the PR officer supposed to divert everyone's attention away from the obvious and refused to do so when their affair started seriously interfering with business. I was invited to reconsider my position or leave. I left after trying to get the CEO to focus on trouble brewing with one of the employees. Two months later, that employee shot and killed three of his colleagues. I'm not happy that it happened obviously, but I'm glad I didn't have to deal with it professionally. (P.S. This happened in Canada just so people don't start trying to figure out which one of the American shooting tragedies I'm referring too; they don't just happen in the States.)

Angela said...

Wow, Lee. Sounds like you got out of there just in the nick of time. What an experience.

bella said...

oh my god.
you poor thing.
what a sight that stocking is. I'm with you. Getting to feel sexy goes a long way in keeping spirits up. maybe you become a millionaire by designing your own fishnet kind? :)

It's good to hear that you are resting, taking care of yourself, letting yourself feel your anger over losing your job but not giving your energy to it, but to your own self care right now.

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Once chapter done, and the next just beginning. At least you have a leg to stand on.

Julie said...

It's not so bad, and the clot thing is kinda worth avoiding-:)
Can you draw pictures on it?

Hey - I switched addresses, my new one is attached to my name below.

Jane said...

Hi there sweetie!!

I hope you are recovering nicely. Happy Wednesday!!