Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Alcoholism, Astrology, Archetypes, and Sex?

My four primary healing modalities in moving away from alcoholism are astrology, archetypes, writing and sex. That may seem like a strange combination to some people, but they're perfect for me. If you're attempting to leave an alcohol or drug problem behind, your three or five or four processes may be quite different from mine. Yours could be golf and religion, or Reiki, Gestalt therapy and getting in touch with your inner child, or maybe AA, creating art and volunteering in your community. Whatever they turn out to be the important thing is to discover them for yourself and intentionally begin applying them to create a life that will be much too passionate, fulfilled and large to have time for an addiction problem.

Now, I didn't sit down one day and say, "Ok, these are going to be my healing venues." It's taken years of exploring different things that came into view and caught my enthusiasm and interest. I studied a lot of different pagan religions and went to a few circles, but that didn't turn out to be one of my key processes, even though I thought it would be. I explored every alternative recovery program I could find, but none of them are a main ingredient in my alchemical pot. The important thing is that I never stopped searching. I was stuck in the "abstinence is the only way" mode for so long it probably took me a little longer than it needed to. One of my hopes for writing all of this out here is that others for whom abstinence may not be the answer will save themselves some time.

I began an in-depth exploration into astrology a few years ago. I'd always been interested in it, but now I really dove in and did a lot of reading and research. I also retained a personal astrologer, Anita Doyle, with whom I meet about once a year. My work with Anita has proven more helpful to me than all the many years of therapy I did. Astrology was my initial foray into reframing my experiences on a cosmic scale. I don't approach astrology on a predictive basis but as a language of the psyche, a poetry for the human soul and a magical way to explore what has made me who I am today. You might even say, if you wanted, that the planets, stars and myths of astrology became my higher power because it's freaky how accurate they are. I discovered that my heart much preferred to view my addiction problem as a manifestation of Neptune conjunct my Sun and realize that there is a higher side of that aspect I can move into. Framing it that way is much more palatable to me than determining that I have a life-long sentence that I can never overcome and that will either kill me, send me to jail or land me in an institution. For all its "out there" reputation, astrology has proven to be one of the most practical tools in my arsenal.

More later on archetypes, writing and sex. Have I got your attention?


thailandchani said...

You definitely have my attention and I will keep reading. This makes me feel like getting my astrology done. :)

elsa said...

Featured you on the Top 10 Sources of Astrology News here:


Good luck with your blog and your recovery.

Angela said...


Anita does readings by phone. You just need to have your birthdate, time and place. I highly recommend her - obviously. :) Thank you for reading.

Angela said...


Cool! Thank you! What a great site and I'll be visiting your blog, too.

elsa said...

I had never heard of Anita, but just checked her out and featured one of her articles as well. Swoosh! We all meet. :)

Olivia said...


Julia Cameron credits writing as one of her recovery tools as well. I think that I will need to find "recovery tools", things that nurture me when I am drawn to use overeating as a source of comfort. I have no idea what mine would be but you've got me thinking. And of course, I will keep reading :)

Peace tonight,


Diva Carla said...

Angela, I am on the edge of my seat, especially for the sex part. Art, sex, and the medicine wheel would be mine, and Astrology is pretty important for literally "gaining altitude" on things. As ever, thanks for the new perspective.


Angela said...


What are you really interested in? Blogging might be one of yours, you know. You're so good at it!

Angela said...


I figured the sex part would be pretty intriguing for people. :) Your art is such a beautiful way to honor sex as the divine and liberating process that it is. This is so exciting!

Kikipotamus said...

Yes, you have my attention. I am especially intrigued by the notion that everything...like your planetary aspect...can have two levels. There is the default, then there is the potential to transmute that into something else.

Angela said...

Yes, Kiki,

Transmute, transform, transcategorize, transdevelop - it can all be moved to the next level.

Claudia said...

I'm paying attention, Angela!!!

love c

Bruce said...


You really know how to bait a hook!!!

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on archetypes. I have written a couple of books on Campbell's Hero's Journey and am fascinated by Jung's work, including "the shadow" self which is a big part of alcoholism. I'm sure you know Jung had a tremendous influence on the founders of A.A.

I see you as the "Mother Earth" archetype? Am I close???? I'll wait to hear more.

Oh yeah.. the sex part is intriguing to........

Angela said...

Thanks, C!


"Mother Earth!" You gotta be kidding me. Boy, are you in for some surprises. I've enjoyed very much reading The Healing Power of Laughter - I hope you'll pick it back up soon.


miss*R said...

you know, some of this post could be mine.. I have been searching for, well, all my life really.. don't know what I am searching for.. meaning? who knows.
I love reading your blog - I don't know alot about archetypes and am looking forward to your thoughts

Angela said...

Miss R,

Archetypes are the most fascinating idea I've run across lately. I'm excited about sharing my exploration with them and what I'm learning.

Joe Guse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bruce said...

Blogger Joe Guse said...

Sorry if "Mother Earth" offends. I based that on the fact that you are kind, nurturing, naturalistic, and a little new agey, (that's a good thing.)

Glad you liked that blog. I've actually been continuing on with the one you're more familiar with check it out.

Maybe you are more of the "artist-scientist" archetype, here is a description

"They are a builder, an inventor, a seeker, a dreamer, and a thinker. Distracted by their own thoughts, they frequently have to be pulled in out of the rain. They are simultaneously vastly knowledgeable and yet innocent, impulsive yet cautious. They represent the wonder to be found in curiosity, and the dangers"

this sounds like you to.

Angela said...

You absolutely didn't offend, Joe. I just found it amusing, but obviously you see something maybe I don't. Artist/Scientist does resonate with me more. Now - off to visit your blog! I took it off the roll thinking you were done with it, but I'll put it back up.

miss*R said...

Hey Angela, my faery party is a cyber one :) and I would love and be honoured if you would join me.. but I need an email address to send the invite - it is a private blog that will open on January 1st xoxo
(you can email me through my blog profile)

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