Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm praying again. Simple prayers requesting assistance with staying sober, prayers for friends and family and the earth and the animals. Prayers that feel like they're going somewhere, being heard, responded to. In my world the only thing worse than being in relapse is praying and feeling like the prayers stay lumped in my chest, held prisoner by my own reluctance to just let go.

Now, I know what to do after prayer: follow it up with action, disconnect from the outcome, and trust.

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Waya A AKA SMB AKA QueGee AKA The Weirdo said...

I really love what you're saying here! While I don't have an issue with addictive behaviors for the most part, I did have a tremendous health crisis in the form of fibromyalgia that I seem to be battling successfully due to profound changes in my diet, medications, work habits, stress and the way I look at the world.

Thank you for sharing yourself with the wider world; I know from experience that it isn't an easy thing to do most of the time.

Moronke Odugbesan said...

Happy new month.

Sharing your experiences is really an encouragement for others. Thanks