Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Moon Intentions

Lately I'm very overwhelmed with life but not at all the way I was overwhelmed last February, when I visited a local psychiatric ward under guise of detox. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that the Universe spit me out of Lakeside and right back to Polson. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. And absolutely do not get out of jail free card. It's like awakening within a dream; realizing that what I've always needed was right here within me, if only I would allow it. Challenges have made me stronger and the patterns in my life are repeating much more quickly. They demand to be dealt with and dealing with them consciously is no small task!

So when I get in a hurry and want to rush out and save the world by tomorrow, my body goes "Hey!! Slow down!! Allow. Rest. Love." And my community? Oh, forgetaboutit. From Montana to Georgia and back again; I feel it from all corners.

Just to help me keep track, these are the things I'm interested in assisting to manifest:

  • A garden of my own and participation with a community garden with the intention to assist the earth back to health even as I continue to seek my own healing.

  • Roberta has some exciting ideas which may develop into a wonderful project.

  • Continue networking and developing relationships through writer's group, book club, Treasure State Mercantile, the Health Food Store, CD treatment and Circles of Trust (which I will write more about later) and all the places and people that haven't been discovered yet.

  • Continue to improve my health.

  • Continue to nurture my connection to Source.

And about that pain I was mentioning: much of it has simply disappeared and my next post will explain why.


Olivia said...

Dear Angela,

It is exciting and encouraging for me to watch your continued recovery and personal growth journey. I think of you often and am glad you are doing well. Love, O

thailandchani said...

All of this sounds so perfect! You are one person whose recovery is no mystery. You really work at it! :)