Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Moon in Leo

Tonight's new moon is in the 19th degree of Leo at 6:02 p.m. EST. Leo is all about shining brightly. Leos are enthusiastic, warm, engaging and magnetic. Like their ruling planet, the sun, when Leos come out everyone wants to join in the fun. When you go to a party, the first person you will notice is probably a Leo. Leo is the ruler of the 5th house, the house of creative self-expression as well as sex, children, joy and the arts. The 5th house is the place where we instinctively give affection, from our heart and not from any sense of obligation.

This new moon asks us to examine how we encourage our own life force. Are we seeking our personal sun by engaging with people and activities that bring out the light in us? Do we have ways of expressing ourselves that make us feel happy to be alive on this planet and participating in the dance of life? Are there obstacles we allow to block our way that we could replace with something more life-affirming? Whatever makes you feel your inner lioness, take it out and work on it. Give it your unique personal expression and then send it out into the world.


claud said...

Yes, that'd be me. This post sure makes me feel good!

Angela said...

I'm glad. You definitely have all the most positive aspects of this sign covered, dearie.


Ula said...

Well said.