Sunday, July 29, 2007

Full Moon in Aquarius

Astrology is one of the passions I've discovered in my sobriety. I like to use astrology to ask myself the big questions. What is life about? What are we all doing here? How can I utilize the energies available to awaken and encourage the best parts of me? Astrology brings life to the mysterious language of the universe, giving us archetypes, gods, goddesses and tools to work with, if we wish, to not only integrate, but expand our vision of the world, what it is and what it can be. It provides a framework for discovering our unique contribution and a pathway to the manifestation of that contribution.

Each month I'll write a post on the new and full moons. At the new moon I set intentions I hope to bring to fruition during the cycle that peaks with the full moon and culminates at the next new moon. I find this to be an invaluable and absolutely fun recovery tool. It helps me stay focused on what's important and what I really want to be pursuing in my life. It's so easy to get sidetracked.

The full moon shines her light from the sign of Aquarius tonight at 7:47 p.m. EST. Aquarius is the sign of the innvoator and the rebel. Aquarians tend to light the way for the rest of us and use their imagination and resourcefulness for the good of the community. Uranus, planet of disruption, lightining-quick change and all manner of delightful and not-so-delightful surprises, rules this sign. Aquarius' natural home in the zodiac is the 11th house, house of friends and allies, hopes and wishes. You will recognize your 11th house friends by their ability to be a catalyst for change in your life, whether you welcome it or not.

The Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to examine how we offer our special gifts to the world. Are we generous and open with our talents? Do we hold back knowledge that would benefit the rest of the community? How can we say thank you to the universe for the gift of life and express our gratitude with action? Can we pay homage to Uranus by surprising ourselves today? Can we thank our 11th house friends by courageously standing in our own power and offering it back with to them?

My favorite astrology resources on the web are:
Eric Frances is an incomparable astrologer, journalist, writer, photographer and human being. This site is subscriber supported (NO ADVERTISING - YAHH!! ERIC!) but there's plenty of free stuff to intice you away from your money. Not only is the site rich with information, political and personal, but it's just damned beautiful.

Rob Bresny will fire your imagination with his horoscopes and his dead-on, in-your-face, get-real-with-it, intuition. This is astrology at its most playfully serious.

Talk about resources. Put in your birth data and see how all the planets line up with your natal chart, enter your lover's data and see where your strengths and challenges are as a couple, put in your mother's data and see her as a person and not just your mother.
Anita Doyle, my personal astrologer and angel.


claud said...

Too cool. I've already used one of the links to learn about me, me, me. This is so fun, Angela!!

jennifergg said...

Every little person (at my house) is acting like they are a wild wolf pup...maybe the full moon explains it...